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Body Cream EXI do not need to worry when I use this product even though I am suffering from atopic conditions, and the product does not provide any smarting pain at all. I am using it together with my child, and the product spreads well and provides superior moisturizing effect! I was surprised to see how moisturized my own skin is.
(Gunma Mrs.Y.Y)

Body Cream EXMy daughter has been suffering from severe atopic conditions from 1 month old, and among all of the various moisturizing cream products, this is the very best! We have quitted seeing the doctor - this cream has been helpful for curing the atopic conditions for my daughter!My daughter's skin is now in very good condition, but I am still applying the cream lightly onto her entire body after having taken a bath. Now, all the family members (4 of us) are using the product.
(Tokyo Mrs.S.T)

Body Cream EXMy daughter (5 years old) who had been suffering from extra-dry skin condition, has not been feeling itchy at all since she started using BODY CREAM <EX>. Now we cannot do without the cream, and the entire family is using the product every day. We hope that you will continue to provide high quality products.
(Tokushima Mrs.M.T)

Body CreamAlthough I am suffering from severe chapped skin after the day-long housework every night, when I apply a plenty amount of this gel into my hand before I go to bed, my hand is all smooth and moisturized, restored to its original state in the next morning. The condition of my hand skin must have been awful if I had not been using this gel product. I am really grateful for this product!
(Osaka Mrs.A.M)

Hair ShampooAlthough my skin is basically oily, my skin is just in the best condition for a long time during the day. I am also happy to know that my hair is also maintained moisturized and in good condition for a long time, too. I feel comfortable using Gel Amino Shampoo which does not have any strong smell or texture, and I like its fine foam when I use it. My child also likes it, too.
(Osaka Mr.M.T)

Body SoapAt first, I was worried that it may not get foamed well, but just by using a foaming net, I can get enough amount of foam out of just a small amount of the product. Unlike when using soap, there is no "too-deeply-washed feeling" at all - it rather feels as if some of the foam is still left on my skin, but it wasn't as much as to make me feel concerned. What was best was that my children have improved their dry skin conditions! I have also started using it, and I have not felt any itchiness that would occur from dry skin!I liked it so much, I immediately placed an order for one.
(Mrs.S.M age33)

Body SoapI had been suffering from dry skin and eczema below my elbows and knees for these several years, and those conditions did not improve even after having been prescribed some medicines by a dermatologist, so I had also tried various mild body washes and lotions, but still they turned out to be ineffective. I have finally encountered this body wash after such a long journey. After 2-3 weeks had passed using this product, my itchy dry skin and eczema has improved dramatically. Now I can wear skirts without worrying anything.
(Mrs.K.B age30)