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Product Concepts

PiNatural series is a series of natural cosmetic products that are created based on natural gel ingredient, and is of mild quality that enables customers of almost any skin condition to use them every day.

We have been dedicated to use safe ingredients based on the advices made by dermatologists, and have been able to create fragrance-free and color-free products containing no paraffinum liquidum, which are of gentle quality and are capable of supporting the original moisturizing ability of the skin.

The product is safe enough to be used by babies and small children, and other customers with sensitive skin, and postpartum mothers.

about Gel Cosmetics

About Gel Natural gel is a viscous substance found in animals, plants and minerals in nature. It is the gooey substance found in aloe, seaweed and clay for instance. The viscous (gel) factor is important both for skin cells and moisturizing ability.? We focused our attention on this viscous factor for our gel cosmetics. Conventional cosmetics require emulsifying agents (synthetic surfactants) to combine water and oil. In contrast, gel cosmetics enhance the capability of natural skin without emulsifying agents.

Using gel cosmetics keeps your skin stay healthy and beauty Gel has meny distinct characters as follows; keep moist, stick well, absorb fast, ventilate well. Gel skin care products use the property of gel, but use no detergent. Will not form a film like oil does, so will not disturb skin's breathing function, and will not be sticky. Delivers more than enough nutrition into your skin, shorten your skin's turnover cycle, and leading your skin stay healthy.

Jointly developed with doctors

We have selected the ingredients gentle for your skin based on the advices made by dermatologists. PiNatural series products have been developed with the cooperation of dermatologists so that they can be used by customers with dry and sensitive skin, customers suffering from atopic skin conditions, babies, and small children.
The products are using carefully selected natural ingredients based on the know-how of La Sincere which has 18 years' history as a pioneer company for gel cosmetic products and based on the advices made by doctors. The allergic conditions occurred by the additives for cosmetic products are often caused by having used synthesized surface active agent. PiNatural has chosen to use gel for its products containing no water, oil, or emulsifying agent (synthesized surface active agent). Cosmetic products created based on natural gel will not be stressful for the skin almost at all. The products are using naturally-derived ingredients, and are manufactured by our original manufacturing method with our whole heart and greatest care, so that customers of all generations can feel safe to use them.
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